Turn your
data into PDF reports

Reportly is an in-browser PDF builder that allows you to generate beautiful, highly customizable PDF from your Notion, Airtable and Coda data.

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How it works

1. Link your data
Reportly can integrate with Notion, Airtable and Coda
2. Design your template
Reportly allows you to design professional-looking PDF templates using a drag-and-drop editor. You can customize the layout, add images, and include dynamic data fields that will be automatically populated with your data
Design your template
3. Generate your PDF
Once you've designed your template, generating PDFs is as easy as a few clicks. Simply select the data you want to use and Reportly will automatically populate the template and create your PDFs. You can generate single PDFs or batch generate multiple PDFs at once. You can also automate the PDF generation process using Reportly's API
Generate your PDF
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